Mitsui Hygiene Material (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Electrical Engineer/วิศวกรไฟฟ้า

Mitsui Hygiene Material (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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Electrical Engineer/วิศวกรไฟฟ้า

Mitsui Hygiene Material (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Electrical)
  • 3-5 years in Maintenance
  • Fluent in English


Job Specifications/Qualification    

  • Educational Level     Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Electrical or related)
  • Work Experience      3 - 5 years of extensive working experience in Maintenance Management
  • Literacy     Fluent in English and basic of Computer Literature
  • Knowledge /Production planning and control knowledge, MRP knowledge, Inventory management knowledge
  • Technical Skill / Soft Skill   

Machine Analysis, Process Analysis, Maintenance System, CMMS, Automation, PLC, Man-Machine Interface, Bus, & Controller, Software & Hardware, Quality, Related EE Job Knowlwdge, Safety & Environment

Trouble shooting skill, Analytical, Coatching, Leadership & Supervisory, Planing, Costing & Budgeting, Crossing Culture/Working with Foreigner, Presentation & Report, Working Under Pressure, English (Good), Negotiation, CAD

  • Competency     Communication & Interpersonal Understanding, Efficiency & Effectiveness of Work, Initiative, Adaptability to Changes, Teamwork & Cooperation and Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving

Responsibility for Implementation

Maintenance Control

  • Give advise, analyse information & provide report of CM, & BM  IN ORDER TO ensure  maintenance quality
  • Create  PM schedule (MT Master Plan, Calibration) IN ORDER TO ensure  maintenance quality & resourcec allocation

Reliability Control

  • Analyse & maintain machine condition as PdM IN ORDER TO provide machine reliability for highest run time

Spare-Part Control

  • Control specfication, optimize quantity (max-min) & issue "Spare Part Inventory List" IN ORDER TO ensure spare part available & correct

Maintenance Cost Control

  • (Plant) Analyse MT Cost PPA for decision making IN ORDER TO execute maintenance activity efficiently & effectively by optimize MT Master Plan

Maintenance Knowledge Management

  • Set up traing need & schedule that enhance MT know-how, skills and performance IN ORDER TO  achieve high-performance employee results

Modification Control

  •  Design for modification IN ORDER TO meet improvement objective & engineering concept

Facility Control

  • Review CM, & BM record & schedule IN ORDER TO ensure  that plant facility work effectively
*Only shortlist candidates will be notified.*

Interested applicants are invited to send resume, recent photograph and expected salary to: APPLY NOW

Human Resourse Section Mitsui Hygiene Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate. 64/45 M.4 Pluakdeang Rayong 21140 Phone +66 3368 4289 ext.1000, 3103 


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MHM is a member of Mitsui Chemicals Inc.,one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. In Thailand, we have been producing for 15 years. Now, we are expanding our business in Thailand and we are seeking for an enthusiastic, highly motivated and experience persons to join us in the following positions :


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