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Driver Community

Gojek Thailand


  • Experience in managing customer, driver community
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player and strong collaborator


About the role

  • Drivers are one of the key brand touchpoints in therefore play a critical role in delivering good customer experience. We have a strong base of over 50k drivers all of whom are part of our growing driver community
  • You will be the one who manages this thriving driver community, to build a sense of belonging, brand love and loyalty through both online and offline engagement activities
  • Listening and improving on feedback from customers and drivers is also a big part of who we are at Gojek. The driver community is one of the most important sources of this valuable feedback. Your role will be to collect and synthesize these inputs in a systematic and actionable manner

What You Will Do

  • Manage driver community through numerous existing channels, such as LINE groups, Facebook groups, Facebook pages. Develop and roll out new, innovative channels as relevant
  • Conduct online driver engagement programs to build brand loyalty, drive positive sentiment and improve driver quality
  • Conduct offline driver engagement programs – regularly interact with leaders of the driver community and their respective groups, organize ongoing engagement programs and special activities
  • Measure driver sentiment and feedback in a systematic and actionable manner during normal periods, and in response to new changes implemented
  • Coordinate with other teams (both within and outside of Driver Operations) to address issues surfaced from driver feedback and improve how we manage the driver pool
  • Be the “voice of the driver” and provide input to other teams in deciding on every decision that impacts the driver’s wellbeing

What You Will Need

  • Minimum 3-5years’ experience in managing customer, merchant, driver, or other stakeholder communities
  • Strong empathy and the ability to put yourself the driver’s shoes – understand their daily lives, the problems they face and how they feel
  • Ability to think outside of the box – we always welcome new ways of doing things, whether its new channels, activities, or messages in communicating to drivers
  • Good communication skills – able to take complex/ controversial key messages and communicate them in an easy to understand/ positive manner with drivers, in their language
  • Proactiveness and high ownership working style
  • Team player and strong collaborator as your role will have impact to company-wide

About the team

Driver Operations is a diverse team of passionate, capable and down to earth people who are responsible for all things related to Gojek’s driver pool. Our scope ranges from identifying who our drivers should be, how we should be recruiting them, providing appropriate training/ motivation for them to provide high quality service and engage them to become part of the Gojek community. We are a results-driven, proactive and fun loving team who always welcomes new talent!


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Gojek is Southeast Asia's leading technology group and a pioneer of the integrated Super App and ecosystem model. Gojek is founded on the principle of using technology to remove life's daily frictions by connecting consumers to the best providers of goods and services in the market. Gojek has a presence in five countries - Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, through its acquisition ofCoins.ph.

Following the same hyper-local approach and a deep understanding of local customer needs that made it successful in Indonesia, Gojek began its services in Thailand in February 2019 under the brand GET, and quickly became one of the country’s leading food delivery applications. With the support from Gojek, GET achieved exponential growth in less than two years. It has established a thriving ecosystem of users and created significant positive social impact for its partners in Thailand.