Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited

Cyber Security Specialist

Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited
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Cyber Security Specialist

Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited


  • 4-5 year experience in information security
  • security consultancy
  • Security tool implementation and/or IT security


 Job Responsibilities; 

  • Assist in the implementation of information security standards, processes and security controls for the organisation in compliance program.
  • Perform role based access control for critical applications
  • Perform security incident response drill and manage security incident
  • Develop information security awareness program for developers
  • Manage and monitor Web Application Firewall policies and alerts
  • Perform the source code scan for vulnerabilities and provide consultation to developers to remediate the vulnerabilities.
  • Provide security requirements and IRAM to new projects.
  • Perform Security Acceptance Test and follow-up pen test remediation actions for new project
  • Work with Local Project Teams to ensure that locally implemented technology solutions meet the AXA security standards, government rules and regulations
  • Update knowledge and technical skill to cope with new vulnerability and threats.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or IT related field.
  • 4-5 year experience in information security, security consultancy, security tool implementation and/or IT security operations
  • Computer literacy, good in using Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visio.
  • Good command of written and spoken English.
  • Good interpersonal skills able to communicate effectively with various levels (from end-users to executive).
  • Logical & systematic approach to problem solving




Khungthai AXA is a perfect combination of Khungthai Bank Plc., a commercial bank of the Thai Government, and the AXA Group, the world’s number one insurance group. We aim to satisfy both clients and employees. Our mission is to help people and economies grow. With 140,000 employees of AXA. Group. We have the international reach, experience and imagination it takes to bring the best financial protection and wealth management to 50 million clients worldwide Our commitment is to satisfy our clients by providing high standard services that are highly suited to the needs of today’s Thai people


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