Siam City Cement Public Company Limited

Customer and Marketing Analyst

Siam City Cement Public Company Limited
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Customer and Marketing Analyst

Siam City Cement Public Company Limited


  • Market Analyst
  • Power BI
  • market insight


  • Collaborate with sales team of each business unit; regional / area sales departments for transactional channel, sales department for transformational channel, and subsidiaries to gather primary market information and competitor movement based on 4-P
  • Prepare the internal data analysis, such as comparative total sales volume, product proportion, selling price or net sales per tons, customers’ performance, etc., and prepare for secondary data, such as government budget, private investment, no. of construction projects in all segments, etc., then conduct the effective and efficient market survey to target areas and target respondents, for example, dealers, sub-dealers, cement producers, end-users, etc., based on the channels, segments and/or business units
  • Completely understood the market situation and SCCC performance in all dimensions (i.e. product-wise, area-wise, etc.), analyze the gathered market information and be able to propose the plans to protect our INSEE positions and maintain our share in the provincial level up to nationwide
  • Cooperate with other departments, including cross-functions, i.e. Branding, Technical Service, Logistics, etc. in order to ensure the collaboration, i.e. transportation management to deliver product to customer, product training program to users, etc. will be taken 
  • Closely monitor actual results of plan execution and compare with target achievement of each action and redirect the plan to suit with the current market situation and also prepare for the short-/ mid-/ long- term plans, including prepare the monthly performance report based on responsible area
  • Perform other related duties as assigned


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Siam City Cement Public Company Limited is one of the leading cement manufacturers in Thailand, established in 1969 with a clear focus to be an innovative supplier of cement and concrete products and solutions. Since the foundation for over 50 years, Siam City Cement PCL., has placed great value on commitment to corporate vision in continuing to build on our long heritage of shared loyalty, creating trusting relationships with our business partners, our people and our community. As of today, Siam City Cement PCL., through our subsidiaries, Siam City Concrete Co., Ltd., Conwood Co., Ltd. INSEE Superblock Co., Ltd., INSEE Ecocycle Co., Ltd., Siam City Power Co., Ltd., and INSEE Digital Co., Ltd., is engaged in cement-based building materials, wood replacement products, light-weight concrete blocks, environmental caring solutions, power generation from the cement production process, and information technology services.

To strengthen our business and promote steady growth, we have partnered with Globe Cement Company Limited; the cement manufacturer/ distributor under Globe brand. The company has also expanded the business to Bangladesh under the name of Siam City Cement (Bangladesh) Limited. This expansion commemorates a great opportunity to strengthen our operational excellence and gain competitive advantages to be regional cement industrial leader.

One of our fundamental goals is to create an open and trusting working environment that provides challenging career development opportunities as well as competitive compensation and benefits for our employees. We value personal individual ability and working as a team.  We treat each other the way we want to be treated and we believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.

To continue striving to deliver excellence, we need people whose outstanding performance will make it possible. 


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