Global Jet Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Content Creator

Global Jet Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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Content Creator

Global Jet Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


  • Bachelor's degree or above
  • Have 3-6 years of experience in social media
  • Must be fluent in English


Job Description:

1. Helps lead a team of social media marketing specialist to develop and execute a social media strategy and offline campaign
2. Ensures a unique brand voice and consistent look and feel on our social media platforms
3. Manage social listening activities and capture learnings/ insights/ analytics to support strategy and content optimization efforts
4. Helps lead a team to plan, develop, launch, manage, and analyze integrated social campaigns
5. Ensures J&T achieve their brand and business objectives through social media
6. Making responsibilities for budget allocation and marketing channel prioritization
7. Refine our social media policies and processes for content creation, publishing calendars, brand and product campaigns, social influencer partnerships and user outreach


1. Female or male with age 25-30 years old
2. Bachelor's degree or above 
3. Have 3-6 years of progressive experience in social media, social media community management, social content creation, digital marketing,digital project management, digital technology, or a related field on either the corporate or agency side
4. Must be fluent in English
5. Understanding and have strong working knowledge of social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Line, TikTok) for a larger digital ecosystem
6. Be well versed in digital best practices and strategies including but not limited to e-commerce
7. Self-starter with a positive attitude and desire to drive results 


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งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ


J&T Express is a technology-based and internet development express delivery company.J&T Express was established in Hong Kong, China in August 2015, J&T Express has an extensive network that supports delivery services within inter-city, inter-province and cross the island. J&T Express headquarters is located in Indonesia, the business has covered Malaysia and Vietnam, will expand to Thailand and Philippines this year.

J&T Express is committed to utilizing advanced IT systems to improve efficiency and quality of service to customers. Taking the principle of easy and fast delivery also efficient claims settlement, J&T Express began entering the express market from Indonesia and committed to expanding its business network to other Southeast Asian countries.

By bringing "Express Your Online Business" as a slogan, J&T Express can make customer's online business became more practical, and efficient, also encourages customers to do big business on e-Commerce platform. At the same time, making liabilities, sharing, service, responsibility and results-oriented as the core values of the company, besides that J&T Express also pursues the best attitude to create the best technology-based express delivery company in Southeast Asia.

J&T Express committed to optimize shipping routes, by minimizing transportation costs and providing more efficient, safety, and timely delivery services to every customer.

Throughout Indonesia, there are almost 100 gateways with professional equipment, furthermore we also have more than 4,000 operating points, more than 30,000 trained human resources, and thousands of fleets to support inter-city, inter-province and cross the island.


Becomes the best express delivery company for e-Commerce in Southeast Asia.


  • Significantly realize a more practical and efficient online business.
  • Effectively encourage the development of our business partners to be bigger and stronger.


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