MC Thai Co., Ltd.

Communications & PR - Assistant Manager

MC Thai Co., Ltd.
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Communications & PR - Assistant Manager

MC Thai Co., Ltd.


  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Public Relations
  • Excellent in communication and analytical skill
  • Excellent in Thai and English writing, speaking


Job Description

  • Develop communication strategic messages and effectively utilize appropriate communication vehicles to strengthen the McDonald’s brand position in the market.
  • Support and guide Marketing teams with both proactive and reactive media events/issues, in conjunction with Media Relations.
  • Facilitate the development of value-added public relations and social responsibility initiatives in conjunction with marketing teams and Operations teams, working collaboratively with participating agencies.  Also, foster the sharing of best practices in these areas.
  • To build professional relationship with local reporters either through individual network or PR consultant agency
  • Manage cases of customer complaint and maintain customer relationship to be allied with McDonald’s policy.
  • Create and budget an overall communication program with clearly stated aims and objectives, a defined strategy and specific program of activity in the following areas: Public/Community Relations, Government relations (including key influencers), Media Relations, Customer Relations, Issue/Crisis management, Internal Communications
  • Monitor the effectiveness of communication/PR program and modify as necessary against achievement and against changing corporate aims
  • Manage and maintain company information archive
  • Provide support to HR & OPS & TRN in developing and maintaining resources and information collection/library to enhance employees’ continuous learning and development


  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Public Relations, Marketing Communication
  • Excellent in communication and analytical skill.
  • Excellent in Thai and English writing, speaking, listening and reading skills
  • Willing to get involved in ad hoc projects with a can-do attitude

MC Thai Co., Ltd.

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Lumpinee, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

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It's one thing to start your own restaurant chain. It's another to build the world's largest food service retailer. A company with over 30,000 restaurants. A business operating in nearly 120 countries. A name that gave birth to Ronald McDonald, the second most recognized icon on the planet. We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic persons to fulfil our team work.


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