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Collection Executive (Call Center) (Job ID: 57119)

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Collection Executive (Call Center) (Job ID: 57119)

Reeracoen Recruitment Co., Ltd.


  • Current address : Only in Bangkok
  • High school / secondary school or above
  • Only Full time working preferred, not part time


Salary: 350-800 THB/Day

Industry: Finance(Banking), Finance(Other)

Location: Able to work from home

Work Type: Irregular Shift 9:00 - 18:30 (Monthly break for 4-6 days)

Job descriptions

  • Reminder customers of overdue small loan customers by telephone, urge and guide them to repay in time;
  • Maintain compliance communication with customers, and inform customers of repayment amount, repayment method, repayment time and other information
  • Record customer information in the system in time, Update and supplement customer information in a timely manner to ensure the validity and accuracy of the information;
  • Obey the superior's arrangements to complete the team performance goals and personal performance goals;
  • Complete other tasks arranged by the superior.

General qualifications:
Must**ปัจจุบันต้องอาศัยอยู่ในพื้นที่ กทม เท่านั้น ไม่รวมพื้นที่ปริมณฑล**

  • Age 18-35 years old, male or female, high school / secondary school or above;
  • Current address : Bangkok only
  • Only Full time working preferred, not part time.


  • Good oral communication and coordination skills;
  • Positive, with good professional ethics and team spirit;
  • Physical and mental health, able to bear hardships and stand hard work;
  • Obey arrangements, accept working hours and working methods;
  • Sales and bank call customer service preferred

Benefit packages

Contact (ติดต่อ)

Time: 8.30 am-5.30pm
Office Number: 02-2539800
Website :
Instagram : reeracoenthailand
Facebook : Reeracoen Recruitment


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