Thai Shimizu Co., Ltd.

Claims Manager

Thai Shimizu Co., Ltd.
THB 70,000 - THB 90,000 /เดือน (สามารถต่อรองได้)
ลงประกาศเมื่อ 22 Feb 2021

Claims Manager

Thai Shimizu Co., Ltd.


  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering or related field
  • 5yrs experience in Claim Management/English Fluent
  • Solid knowledge of construction laws & contract


Duties and Responsibility

  • Manage the claim procedures for existing projects and contracts, or apply updates upon necessity
  • Monitor and manage incoming potential claims (ex. identifying cause of project delays and causalities between potential reasons or parties, variation of orders, excusable or inexcusable cause, compensable or non-compensable etc.)
  • Be aware of existing projects and prepare for foreseen claims
  • Plan new policies and procedures regarding claims, especially to prepare for unexpected situation (ex. about payment, construction schedule extension (EOT), cost, supplier management, letters, causes etc.)
  • Conduct and monitor claim analysis
  • Lead coordination and preparation of supporting documents and information for claims
  • Liaise with related teams and stakeholders, such as architectural design team, contract teams, construction site teams, suppliers, clients, for updates and progress
  • Attend meetings with each stakeholder and keep minutes of meetings
  • Ensure creation of claims report and other necessary reports depending on each stakeholder
  • Prepare and check legal documents for the main project, subcontractor and/or third parties related to any project with Thai Shimizu such as confidentiality agreement, letter of intent, letter of award, contract agreement, etc.
  • Prepare any bond format such as bid bond format, advance payment bond format, performance bond format, retention bond format, etc. for the main project, subcontract agreement and/or third party related to any project with Thai Shimizu
  • Prepare, study, and review tender documents and conditions of contract and submit proposal or conditions of estimation
  • Prepare completion certificate or handing over document and final account after the completion of each project
  • Contact with insurance companies and compare any insurance policies under tender documents or the contract agreement between client and/or subcontractor
  • Provide professional opinion and suggestion on Thai Shimizu’s risk control strategy and legal opinion


  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering or related field
  • Thai candidate (Male/Female, age is 40-50 years)
  • 8 years experience in Claim Management and/or Contract Management and/or Legal Manager
  • Solid knowledge of laws/regulations for construction and contract management
  • 5+ years experience of team management experience
  • English language fluency (TOEIC 900)


ผู้จัดการ / อาวุโส
5 ปี


URGENTLY REQUIRED !! THAI SHIMIZU CO., LTD., a subsidiary of a leading Japanese Construction Company with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificate, is urgently looking for the potential staffs as below ; -


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