Central Group (Central Pattana Public Company Limited)

Business Insight Specialist

Central Group (Central Pattana Public Company Limited)
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Business Insight Specialist

Central Group (Central Pattana Public Company Limited)


  • Knowledge and experience in Design Thinking
  • Experience in designing market research projects
  • Basic knowledge of statistics



As an Insight Specialist you will be the bridge between Central Pattana’s creators and the customer. You will drive a customer-centric culture, ensuring that Central Pattana has an edge over our competitors on customer and stakeholder insights.

Job description 

Your main duties will include: 

  • Design market studies based on Central Pattana’s needs to ensure understanding of broad industry and acquisition of deep insights on pain points and needs. 
  • Create cross-functional teams and coordinate efforts to survey and interview customers and stakeholders.  
  • Train Central Pattana employees in market research from understanding of statistics, to new segmentation methods and how to conduct deep dive interviews. 
  • Create surveys for segmentation and quantitative studies 
  • Conduct deep dive interviews to understand true nature of pain points and needs of customers and stakeholders 
  • Oversee collection and validation of results from quantitative and qualitative market studies. 
  • Oversee analysis of results and presentation of insights. 
  • Stay on top of new market research practices and ensure that Central Pattana is the best in class. 

Job requirements 

You would be a great fit for this role if you have/are: 

  • Personable, presentable, and adaptable. Can persuade and gain buy-in from all stakeholders no matter what company rank or specialty. 
  • Good communications skills with great ability to pinpoint and highlight important information 
  • Experience in designing market research projects to get insights suited for creative project development 
  • Knowledge and experience in Design Thinking, especially the empathy stage and deep dive interviews 
  • Basic knowledge of statistics and how to apply it in practice to a market study 
  • Basic knowledge of data analysis languages such as R, SQL and Python and the mechanics of their basic functions 
  • An ability to thrive in complex cross-functional environments and engage internal and external stakeholders in order to make things happen. 


ผู้จัดการ / อาวุโส
15 ปี
งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ


Central Pattana Public Company Limited

Thailand’s No.1 shopping center and retail developer

Central Pattana Public Company Limited is Thailand's largest retail developer with over 30 years of experience. Central Pattana is currently managing 33 shopping centers, 7 office buildings, 2 hotels and two residential projects all these projects span over 4.7 million square metres. The company is the leader in the retail development and management sector with the biggest share of Bangkok’s retail market at 22%.


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