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Applications Development Manager

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Applications Development Manager

Siam Bheasach Co., Ltd.


  • Management
  • Technology Refreshment
  • web application software development courses


Overall Responsibilities:

The Applications Development Manager will oversee and manage the Application Development team activities and team member’s development and performance. The Development Manager is the point of contact for all applications development work activities including but not limited to planning, work prioritization, production support tickets & requests fixing and constantly reviewing, and advising to the IT technology refreshment in order to support the user’s business objectives.

Primary Responsibilities:
Development Environment & Technology.

          a.Setup proper Programming Development environment in DEV, QA and PRD.

          b.Introduce or improve development framework, architecture, database, systems configurations, application related hardware sizing, CPU, capacity, application support such as backup, recovery, security requirements, etc.

          c.Establish a programming development process to standardize programming documentation, debugging, exceptions handling, return code, source code migration, and programming production support process and to ensure all program development activities comply with the industry and ISO Quality Services standard.
     -Project Program Development & Management.

          a.Managing the Agile development methodology to speed up programming developments.

          b.Setting up development measurements and directives on development quality.
     -People Management.

          a.Manage overall performance of the Application Development team.

          b.Constantly looking for training opportunities to improve development team skillsets.

          c.Responsible for the hiring and removing non-performers.

          d.Responsible for the Application Development team performance evaluation.
2.Technology Refreshment.
     -Constantly reviewing, evaluating, and introducing new programming development techniques, tools, platform, programming languages etc. to the Siam Development team.

5+ years programming developer management and coaching experience
          -7 years hands on working experience on web or mobile development in Java, or .Net
          -7 years hands on web application programming project management experience
          -5+ years application architecture and data base design experience
          -5+ years web application (or Mobile Android) programming development experience
          -5+ years programming experience with software house a plus
          -3+ years software development project management experience
          -Bachelor’s degree in computer science or Computer Engineer or Management Information Science (with web application software development courses)
          -Ethical, a team player with an outward mindset and enjoy working with people
          -Strong problem-solving skills
          -Strong people and communication skills
          -Ability to speak and write English well a plus




At Siam Pharmaceutical, we take pride in making quality pharmaceutical products affordable. To achieve this, Siam Bheasach Co. Ltd. a GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified facility was set up with the capability to produce all pharmaceutical dosage forms: injectable, topical, oral preparations. To ensure quality, efficacy and safety of our products, we also conduct bioequivalent studies and clinical studies of our products at various academic institutions.

Our manufacturing plants are ISO 9000 and aIso 14001 certified. In 2002, Siam Bheasach's laboratory was the first pharmaceutical laboratory in Thailand to be ISO/IEC 17025 certified aligning the laboratory's capability to test various products with reliable results with international standard.


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