Rabbit Digital Group Company Limited

Account Director / Manager / Senior

Rabbit Digital Group Company Limited
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Account Director / Manager / Senior

Rabbit Digital Group Company Limited


  • Account Management
  • Advertising
  • Clients Service


Job Descriptions:

  • Ability to work as a partner with client, support client in drive short term sales and build the long-term brand value.
  • Ability to understand client needs, both delivered and hidden, to provide work that meet expectation in mind.
  • Ability to input or recommend initial direction to the client without reaching the team every time; mainly thanks to the interest and regular update in digital marketing / branding aspect
  • Ability to see the project integrated as a big picture and stick the detailed work into the main objective.
  • Presentation, Communication, Selling and Negotiation skill is highly required.
  • Ability to lead the meeting to derive the summarized client requirement to the team (people involved)
  • Ability to manage each job by setting the goal, action plan, sub task and responsible department.
  • Efficiency in follow up team and client to meet the project due date.
  • Leadership ability; able to lead, advise and coach junior in the team, able to work properly under pressure, likely to find solution to problems that might occur daily.


  • Minimum 5 - 6 years experiences of client service/ account management, preferably from Advertising Agency, and working as Account Manager at least 4-6 years.
  • ATL Marketing experience will be considered as advantage.
  • General understanding of agency protocols, procedure and processes.
  • Understanding of advertising, marketing principles, interactive, media and production.
  • Good communication and presentation skill.
  • A passion for digital marketing.
  • Well-organized.
  • Positive and open-minded / Be creative!! / Love to learn.

Skills set requirement

  • Core Job Skills / Expertise
    • Understand and have an own understanding towards "Marketing & Marketing Communication" knowledge                                            
    • Have a knowledge on how to communicate to others and at the same time he / she should have a soft skill to understand the others       
    • Have a good sense of financial. Ensure that the accounts run smoothly, efficiently.
    • Able to negotiate with both of client and team to meet business goals and meet satisfaction                                                               
    • Delegate the work to subordinates and ensure that he/ she provides the right direction
    • Supervise the subordinate’s job and control the direction to achieve objectives
    •  Able to measure subordinates skill and coach them with appropriate methods
    • Able to draw job motivate to subordinates in order to let them achieve their goals
    • Build a good relationship with clients. One that are based on personal friendship as well as professional respect                                                         
    • Have a positive relationship across all internal department as well as external partners 
    • Have creativity and able to judge creative work with a good reason to support 
    • Give an opportunity to subordinate to reveal their strength / ideas
    • Able to analyze the situation and lead client / team with the right direction with logical reason   
    • Should have a soft skill to understand what is the real need of client even though, client don't speak out                                   
    • Able to catch client message accurately and identify it to client and team                                           
    • Able to manage client's expectation                                                             
    • Analyze the cause and create the solution speedy                                                    
    • Have a skill to evaluate & recommend "Marketing Communication Planning"
    • Create solution to "Win-Win" approach always
  • Communication Skills
    • Able to share and present their own idea / thought clearly to the team and client
    • Active listens & prepares clearly written materials                                                  
    • Able to influences senior client exclusively for both of Thai and English on speaking and writing
    • Able to convince client on the direction that team has agreed on the work as well as help push the idea in a good logical way          
    • Have ability to change the style of communication to different clients
    • Have ability to change the style of communication to different internal staffs
  • Creativity / Thought Leadership
    • Do not shy to speak out and share the ideas. Able to approach every aspect of role with creativity, passion, and enthusiasm
    • Proactive and think beyond the brief
    • Able to buy times for great work to flourish
    • Overcome resistance when needed       
  • Work Management
    • Secures agreement on & manages expectations as well as time management with the full of quality standards.
    • Able to work on all account effectively                        
  • Client Engagement
    • Listens & able to catch the key message that client would like to deliver including real need & potential unsaid agenda
    • Have "Willing to help" attitude
    • Able to build the strong relationship with client rapidly
    • Work as a partner as well as consultations with client and able to share thought towards client issues                                                               


5 ปี
งานสัญญาจ้าง, งานเต็มเวลา


    Starting from Rabbit’s Tale; a full-serviced marketing agency in Digital age, 9 years ago, we have joined forces with TYO Inc, a top-notch agency listed in Tokyo stock exchange, to establish Rabbit Digital Group in 2017. We are focusing on all areas across digital communication industries. Our vision is “Advance Asia’s Digital Communications”

     Rabbit Digital Group consists of 5 subsidiaries: Rabbit’s Tale - Full-serviced Agency in Digital Age, Code& Craft - Digital Production Web and Application Development, Moonshot - Digital PR Agency, The Zero - Digital Publisher Group, and LINK Collaboration Space - Centre of Thailand’s Digital Communications.

     We aim to lever Thailand's digital communication to another level. We currently have around 200 staffs across all the function. Right now, we're working with one of the biggest corporate clients in many industries. This year, we have a big mission to overcome: to create the digital communication ecosystem, with couple new subsidiaries and reading 290 staffs in this year.

     We're seeking for people with a passion for digital and strategic creativity to make a mark with us. We are eager to inspire the industry and push it forward. No boundary, no compromise, we're making it for a better work, and trying to build our ideal workplace together.


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