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Management Trainee

Ngernturbo Co., Ltd.
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Management Trainee

Ngernturbo Co., Ltd.


  • Generous benefits.
  • Challenging work.
  • Great colleagues!


Head Office is at Chaengwattana Area

Management Trainee - General Management

As we are expanding our reach nationwide and are in the process of transforming our industry to the next level, we are looking for young talents to join our company.

We strongly believe in the ability to learn, unmatched drive, courage, creativity, capability, and responsibility that most young graduates possess. Therefore, we created this program right when we started our company. As expected, this program proved to be very successful, feedback has been so great as well as the result our MT delivered to our business.

You will be working in various capacities to help us achieve our business goals. The program will last 18 - 36 months with rotations of your choice. You will work directly with our department heads, many of whom are ivy-league educated.

Organization is very young with less than 10% of the total workforce are over 30 year old with an average age of 26. Macbook or Laptop with dual screens and docking are standard. As of today, we have over 1,000 people, up from 4 people when we started our company.

We have no predetermined criteria for those we invite for an interview.  However, we look for traits of past success and determination, extracurricular activity, and interesting personality and/or stories. 

While most of our MTs have a solid educational background, it is not a prerequisite. We really don’t care about your educational background as long as you pass our screening tests. Our tests are in English and are Culture / Background / Educational neutral. The tests are used to identify those with strong logical reasoning and analytical skills.


- Finance and Accounting

- Risk Management

- Project Management

- Operations

- Technology Group

- Product and Marketing

- Business strategy

- Human Resources

Preferred Qualifications

- Bachelor degree in Business Administrations, Economics, or Engineering from reputable university.
- Strong academic performance.
- No more than 3 years of work experience.


Entry Level
Full Time


About us
We are a new consumer finance startup. From 0 to over 350 branches in less than 2 years and will have over 600 branches by the end of next year. Our management team comprises of young and talented professionals, with the average age of less than 40 years old and most of which has an Ivy League or Master degree from abroad with extensive background in finance, including investment banking. The company is an independent company within a group of established companies with annual group revenue of approx 20 billion baht.

Our primary area of focus is the unbanked sector in Thailand. Those in the unbanked sector usually facing difficulties in obtaining credit to finance their shops, their farms, or to meet short term liquidity needs. We aim to provide them credit and other financial products at very reasonable rate and very generous payment terms. For those willing but unable to pay our debt, we will offer help within reasonable business boundary for them to amend or defer our payments. We also give them financial advice for them to make it through. While popular among other lenders, liquidations will only be our last resort. We operate our business with big pride to provide financial assistant to those in need, enable them to have better lives. Apart from our traditional consumer finance, digital lending, including P2P and application based lending products will be released in the near future.

Our ideal candidate
We chose our people very carefully as strongly believe that our success depends almost entirely, if not all, on the quality of our people. While we are young and small, just a little over 900 people, we believe that the quality of our team and culture are way beyond other typical companies. We have several ivy-league educated professionals in our team, and many high caliber professionals from leading companies.

The way we select our team members are not typical. We give only small weight on your direct experience, except for a few positions where direct experiences matter. Instead, we focus on the application of knowledge to solve the problems and create new solutions, hence breadth and depth of your knowledge, both direct and indirect to the position you applied for, is highly critical.

We tend to favor those with solid career progression. i.e. very high pay and many responsibilities at a very young age. So if you are very young but your pay and responsibility is very high, you will likely get a call from us.

While total compensation is important, we will avoid candidate where incentives are mostly monetary ones. We will hire someone who demonstrates passion and commitment to work. Therefore, we usually don't make generous offer when we offer candidate. Our idea is that we want to weed out job-hopper that is more interested in pay increase rather than the quality of work they will get a chance to. Actually, our offer will always be modest. However, we will offer very steep pay increase for those who perform, typically within a short time period.

The way we work
Our organization is very modern and flat. No one has their own private room, including the CEO. We work hard and have ambitious goals. We value the outcome more than the effort because the outcome is so simple to measure and less subjective. If your role is not customer facing, we don't really care about the little annoying things that really don’t matter such as your arrival time or where you work. However, at Ngernturbo, deadline is deadline and you will evaluate purely on the quality of your work.

Our definition of a great place to work is not free fancy foods, great gyms, eye-popping offices, frequent parties, or slider in the office. Our definition of the great workplace is a great team where everyone is working toward something meaningful and people can learn the most, perform the best, while still having fun.

We hate workplace politics. It is exhausting, time consuming, and energy draining. You will quickly find yourself working elsewhere if you become very political, despite that you contribute enormously because you generate negative externalities to our workplace and in the long run, politics will lower productivity and drive our talents away.


สวัสดิการและสิ่งจูงใจอื่น ๆ
Five-day work week, Medical insurance, Performance bonus