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Head of Thai and non-executive Thai Principal

Wellington College International School Bangkok
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Posted on 21 Jan 2021

Head of Thai and non-executive Thai Principal

Wellington College International School Bangkok

Job Highlights

  • Holding Principal License
  • Government Liaison
  • School Registrar

Job Description

Head of Thai and non-executive Thai Principal

Wellington College International School Bangkok is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

This post of Thai Principal is non-executive; the post-holder reports to the Master with respect to any and all responsibilities, listed below or otherwise. All signatory and decision-making duties are formal only and are assigned to the Thai Principal for compliance purposes only. The post-holder has no direct responsibilities, nor direct reporting duties, to the Board.

This Job Description should be read and understood in conjunction with the WCIB Class Teacher Job Description, the WCIB Teacher Standards, the Staff Handbook and the teacher’s contract.

1.     General

1.1.      The post-holder reports, for all teaching purposes, to Heads of Junior and Senior Schools and in this capacity is responsible for leading the Thai Department and teaching Thai Language across theSchool.

1.2.      This Job Description should be read as additional to the Job Description for Language Teacher, which is applicable in its entirety to this post-holder

1.3.      The post-holder reports, for all administration purposes, to the Master and in this capacity is responsible for fulfilling all bureaucratic and administrative duties required by the Thai Ministry of Education.

1.4.      This is a whole-School role.

2.     Responsibilities: Teaching

2.1.      Oversee and review the smooth and efficient day-to-day teaching of Thai Language in the School.

2.2.      Ensure that the School’s Thai Language Policy is up to date, compliant and implemented throughout the School.

2.3.      Work with all Thai teachers to design and deliver Thai schemes of work units and lessons at all levels

2.4.      As necessary, oversee and/or liaise with any Wellington Extra Thai programmes to ensure consistency

2.5.      Be available to advise colleagues and, if necessary, parents, on Thai Language matters

2.6.      Attend appropriate training courses as relevant and develop professional relationships with local counterparts

2.7.      Attend staff meetings, assemblies and functions as appropriate.

2.8.      Participate in the School's Performance Management and Coaching processes.

2.9.      Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, equal opportunities, health and safety, confidentiality and data protection.

3.     Responsibilities: Thai Administration

3.1.      Accurately, and in a timely manner, fulfil all administrative duties detailed in the Appendix to this Job Description, which relate to compliance with the requirements of the Thai ministry of Education.

3.2.      Communicate with, and advise, the Master on any and all matters of concern in a timely manner in order to ensure swift and appropriate resolution and to maintain the highest standards and the best relationship with the Ministry at all times.

3.3.      This Job Description is not exhaustive and will be subject to periodic review

4.     Appendix: Thai Administration Duties

4.1.      The following duties are as signatory and, in some cases, advisor only; all responsibility to the Board, and decision-making responsibility, remains entirely with the Master.
          4.1.1     Oversee and take responsibility for the academic affairs of the FormalSchool

          4.1.2     Appoint and remove Teachers, Education Personnel and officers of the Formal School in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Executive Board.

  4.1.3     Control and administer the Teachers, Educational Personnel and students of the Formal School.

4.2.      The following duties are administrative requirements of the Thai Ministry of Education and should be carried out by the Thai Principal, in appropriate collaboration with other Administrative staff. The Thai Principal is entirely responsible to the Master who, in turn, is responsible to the Board, for the efficient and effective carrying-out of these duties.

          4.2.1  Prepare a register of Teachers, Education Personnel, officers and students and other documents relating to the provision of education in accordance with the rules set forth by the Thai Ministry of Education.

          4.2.2     Prepare evidence relating to educational measurement and evaluation in accordance with the rules set forth by the Thai Ministry of Education.

          4.2.3     Perform other academic duties in accordance with the official rules and regulations including School Charter, policy, rules and regulations of the school and other duties as set forth by the Thai Ministry of Education.

         4.2.4     Coordinate between Thai government agencies and the Formal School

         4.2.5     Prepare, submit and maintain documents required for reporting to Thai government agencies

         4.2.6     Be familiar with Thai government agency rules, regulations and Acts (according to Ministry of Education, Labour, Immigration laws, etc.) relating to the School’s activities and keep up-to-date on them

Additional Information

Career Level
Years of Experience
5 years
Job Type
Full Time
Job Functions

Company Overview

Following in the tradition of the renowned Wellington College UK, Wellington College International School Bangkok (WCIB) is proud to be the first Wellington College International School to open in the ASEAN region, bringing an international school of high reputation to Thailand to prepare pupils to learn and live according to Wellington’s Identity and Values. 

In August 2018, WCIB will open Pre-Nursery to Year 6 for day school students, and in August 2019, will open Year 7 - Year 13. Pupils will follow the English National Curriculum, and take GCSEs followed by A level or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Thai pupils will have courses to promote proficiency in reading, writing and speaking in Thai language.

Wellington College International School Bangkok is a selective school, open to children of all nationalities. The focus is to prepare students to succeed in the world of tomorrow. WCIB is a day school, with plans to provide boarding facilities in the next few years.

Situated in the Krungthep Kreetha area of eastern Bangkok, on 50 rai of lush, green land with a pond and recreational lake, and state-of-the-art facilities, WCIB pupils will take advantage of the school’s serene environment and proximity to the neighbouring golf course, to live, learn and grow.

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Benefits & Others
Dental insurance, Five-day work week, Medical insurance, Performance bonus