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Cross-Border Solution Manager

Flash Express Co., Ltd.
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Posted on 23 Feb 2021

Cross-Border Solution Manager

Flash Express Co., Ltd.

Job Highlights

  • Cross Border,Ecommerce Solutions,ecommerce
  • Express industry,Logistics,Project Management
  • Chinese,สื่อสารภาษาจีน,MindManager

Job Description

 Job Roles and Responsibilities :

-   Responsible for the design and implementation of cross-border product solutions, including demand research and analysis, solution and related documentation (such as planning scheme, technical scheme, project feasibility analysis report, business requirement statement), on-site explanation and communication with customers, etc. Responsible for product route formulation and brand packaging of commercial solutions; And complete the organization and preparation of key marketing materials

-   Combining market demand, effectively propose solutions to customers, be responsible for the company's solution consulting services, pre-sales technical support, complete solution design and optimization, and conduct program presentations, technical exchanges and product demonstrations for customers; support major projects expand

-  Look for service providers in the market that meet the company's needs, complete supplier inspections, inquiries, price comparisons, negotiations, and service cooperation signings

-  External and internal business solution publicity, planning, to ensure the organization of internal and external understanding of the solution, accurate communication of product value, the corresponding product documentation to establish and improve

-   Maintain customer relationships, collect, analyze, mine, and guide customer needs, and combine customer planning for future years and opportunities we have identified for demand planning

-   Complete other tasks assigned by the company and the leader

Qualification :

-   Bachelor’s degree or above

-   At least 5 years of working experience in e-commerce and express industry, at least 2 years of successful experience in
pre-sales technical support or project management

-   Have the ability of technical communication, scheme design and tender making, strong scheme integration ability,
good professional ethics, high sense of responsibility and team spirit

-   Understand market conditions and development trends, have the spirit of active learning about new technologies and new products; have good learning skills, communication skills, project management skills, and organization and coordination skills; have good work planning and initiative 

-    Ability to work under pressure, patience and teamwork spirit, Excellent communication, organization and coordination skills and motivation

-  Proficient in Word, Excel, PPT, Visio, Axure, MindManager and other mainstream document working software, with certain writing skills and expression ability

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3 years
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Company Overview

Flash Express Co., Ltd. is a new venture set up in September 2017. We are in the business of last-mile delivery.  The company has ambitious plans to expand its service all over Thailand and is looking to seek qualified candidates for the positions listed below.

Flash Express:

Flash Express is a leading logistics company in Thailand which was founded by top entrepreneurs from Thailand and China. It is committed to providing the highest-quality and humanized courier service in Thailand and even Southeast Asia at a competitive price through our best talent, technology and customer experience.

Our Vision:

We are committed to being a world-class, integrated logistics service provider and the most reliable business partner.

Our Mission:

With technology and talent as the driving force, we will increase the efficiency of logistics service and lead the development of the industry.

Our Values:

  • Customer First

We provide the best service to our customer, employee, partner, region and even the entire society.

  • Team Cooperation

Flash Express' employees are guided by cooperation and honesty. We serve customers, companies in good faith and repay your trust with efficient and excellent service.

  • Trustworthiness

We believe: "What we delivery are not only parcels but also customers' trusts". We treat each parcel carefully and provide you fast and safe express services through faith and high technology.

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