Master the art of work-life balance


Managing work responsibilities and juggling personal priorities can be a difficult feat. Sure, a little relaxation goes a long way, but there is more to it than the usual once or twice a year vacations. It’s an everyday practice that intends to elevate the quality of life. Here we look at few things that might help you find work-life balance.

Set Your Boundaries

There is time for work, and there is always time for family. Set your boundaries between them and stick to it. While you might enjoy working, your family might not appreciate you doing it over a family dinner or during an outing. Leave work out the door and do not to bring it back home where you should devote quality time entirely to your loved ones.

Unplug Technology

Technology has infiltrated our lives so much that we can’t live without it. Technology has definitely made our lives easier but it has also created expectations of constant accessibility. Having a cut-off time for checking emails on your smartphone would be a wise move, especially during family time. Notifications from your smartphone interrupts your off time and the strong urge to check your texts or emails will only lead you to stress. Shut off your phone if you have to, take control of your life and enjoy quality time for things that truly matter.

Take Care of Yourself

Exercise is an effective way to destress but nowadays, we often compromise it in our schedule to make way for work. It is important to dedicate some time each week for self-care, whether it’s hitting the gym, running in the park, attending a yoga class or a meditation session. A small effort on your part could help in keeping your body, mind, and soul refreshed so that you won’t burnout easily.

Quick tips

Save time by relooking at the way you do your errands.

1. Order groceries online and have them delivered.
2. Have your dry cleaning picked up and dropped off at home or office.
3. Avoid queues by using online banking to pay bills.
4. Engage an online concierge service to run errands for you.

Take Small Steps

Making drastic changes and taking on too much too quickly could be a recipe for failure. Set your goals realistically as you should go for small wins and enjoy success in that first. It could be as simple as running 2km a week, or having dinner with your family once a week which would help you reach your goals. Be patient, but at the same time be persistent and the results will show itself.

Do’s and Don’ts

Best practices to help you find that balance

Work at home

Decide how many hours you want or need to work and then stick to them.

Bring your work into an area where you could be distracted by friends or family.

A good night’s sleep

Turn off your phone or put it in silent mode.

Charge your phone next to your bed while you sleep.

Exercise after work

Find a workout partner, they can motivate you.

Spend too much time on the phone, it will break your concentration to workout.

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