#FlashbackFriday to one of the most memorable Timbre performances I had in my KR Rockers journey.

Singing was always something I’ve been passionate about since young and being able to do what you love with like-minded people on the same stage is a pretty amazing feeling.

There were times when it was really challenging and disheartening but the passion and interest for what I did only served to spur me on further. Such an experience taught me that no matter how tough the situation may be, #Icanbebetter with passion and a strong support system.

With my impending graduation, such an experience also has relevance to my current job search. A better job is one which I have a strong interest for. It may have a steep learning curve, long working hours and a below average pay but as long as it is something I am passionate about, I will be able to withstand such challenges.

A better job is also one with a conducive work culture and like-minded colleagues. Working in such an environment will provide me with the opportunities to thrive and grow as an employee and, more importantly, an individual. #JobStreetSG

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