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Invest an hour for personal growth


At a glance, 5 hours seem like a lot in one day. Spread it across the week into one hour sessions per day, and it becomes more feasible. Invest this extra hour solely into deliberate learning, and join the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk as the few who subscribe to the 5-hour rule.

What is the 5-hour rule?

The purpose of the 5-hour rule is to deliberately create space in your day solely for learning, shaping you to be more productive and innovative in the long run. It could be done at any time of the day, though the founding father of this method, Benjamin Franklin, preferred to wake up early and get started fresh in the morning.

How does it make a difference?

The 5-hour rule shifts your focus to learning every day, rather than completing as many tasks you can fit into one day. It might seem like you’re not accomplishing much, but the idea is to exchange short-term productivity for long-term gains. By committing yourself to constant learning, you commit to bettering yourself and working at a higher level. Besides, breaking out from your normal routine and facing something new every day will keep you from feeling stagnated or burnt out.

Quick tips

An easy way to make time for learning is to download the Google Calendar app.

1. In the bottom right, tap Create and choose Goal.
2. Choose a category and fill details to set your Goal.
3. Sessions will be automatically added to empty slots in your calendar.
4. Get reminders on the Goal you’re working on.

Why invest in myself?

Creating time to learn is the best investment you can make in yourself. You may even find yourself new opportunities that you never thought possible. Some of the most iconic names in the world today have found success simply by learning and investing in themselves. Warren Buffett, one of the smartest and richest man in the world spends five to six hours per day reading. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft reads 50 books in a single year. Mark Zuckerberg goes through one book in two weeks. Elon Musk grew up reading two books a day. You too could be like these individuals simply by making a tweak in your daily schedule.

How to use the 5-hour rule

Take these steps to help you get started

Possibly the most important step, create time for any preferred part of the day.

Prepare beforehand on the type of learning and topics you want to cover. Set your goals.

Take some time to process your thoughts to give more perspective on the lessons learned.

Keep improving by applying your new found knowledge in your day to day life or work.

In essence, bettering yourself requires a lot of time and focus. The more you pour into it, the better the improvement in yourself and your work. If 5 hours a week is a stretch for you, you can always start with one hour a week and slowly build momentum from there. Build a positive mindset to always do better and never stop learning new things.

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