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Nowadays the reasons why people choose a company to work goes beyond just remuneration. It bleeds into corporate culture, environment, life style, work life balance and learning opportunity. Therefore at Philip Morris Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we focus on an employee centric approach in order to be Inclusive to our Diverse workforce’s requirements making us an employer of choice.

We have created a holistic approach of the FLEXability program all packaged in one that has taken care of the needs of our Diverse workforce, promoting Inclusion, and having employees engaged.

Flexible Hours & Friday Remote Working

The core principle of management is to keep people happy. Traditional work hour schedule does not suit all, so we offer flexible work hours to fit the employees’ lifestyle. For example, if one to spend time with their family, he/she comes to work at 7:00 AM, and could walk out at 4:00 PM or if one wanted to party in the evening, they could come at 10:00 AM, and leave at 7:00 PM.

In the current challenging economic environment, agility and efficiency is what matters most. It is the performance that matters and not physical presence at the office. To address work Life integration we declared Friday as a remote working day on which employees can choose to work from anywhere. We provide the infrastructure and work tools such as Laptop & IPad where they can connect to the business remotely.

“Be Yourself” Flexible Dress Code

The flexibility at work is not only about working hours or environment, it’s also about representing themselves. We support our employees to “Be Yourself”, encouraging them to bring their best at work. This goes beyond their dress code, it extends to their thinking and working style, thus giving them space to deliver.

When there is no formal meeting with third parties, employees can choose to be themselves and dress in their own comfortable style and there is no bias or judgement about being formal to be productive. The underlying principle is that performance is important not the way one is dressed.

Flexible Benefits

We believe that “One Size Does Not Fit All” so we have extended a buffet of benefit options to choose from. The employees can opt for the benefits based on their lifestyle and stage of life. For example some need education for their kids, some need support for their parental care, while some look for Dental or Optical, or others for travel options.

The intent of FLEXability program is to build trust between managers and employees, while responsibly delivering business results. It is being introduced to motivate, retain and attract employees, improve productivity & work life effectiveness.

Working Environment that boosts engagement

We created a safe environment for people to voice their opinions, ideas or suggestions. The offices have an open floor plan aimed to reduce barriers between executives and employees as well as between colleagues. The environment is an efficient combination of open, private and collaborative workspaces.

The swing and beanbags have replaced the chair in a meeting room to enhance creativity as it helps the employee relax. The introduction of a Ping-Pong table, musical instruments, Pool table, fuse ball, play station, make the office more palatable, relaxing and colorful, besides bringing fun at work. Free flowing snacks and beverages, Health and wellness programs, Happy Wednesday, Family day, fuel employee engagement to another level.

People Development

The opportunities for learning are all pervasive and inclusive as peoples learning preferences vary. Self-learning is encouraged through e learning via mobile, polishing language skills that are customized one on one with an in house teacher, the library of books to borrow from.

There is also cross-functional learning through interactive events over lunch where there is knowledge sharing from internal or external experts and opportunities to contribute in cross-functional projects. We have the Mentoring and Job Shadow programs where our senior management offer customized coaching and constructive feedback.

Besides working in a culture, which has employees from various nationalities, we invest in our talents through Short term or Long Term assignments in other affiliates abroad to broaden their perspective, by gaining through international experience. Moreover, there is also educational support provided to those who want to pursue further studies.

Diversity of perspectives, experiences, cultures, ethnicity, gender, age, and more, help fuel our ability to innovate, adapt, and prosper in a world that is changing at a remarkable pace


As we embark on this journey to revolutionize the industry in designing a smoke free future, we need new skills. Our change management programs help build capabilities for the future that focus on these new work related skills like storytelling, agile scrum, design thinking, digital skills, etc. We are transforming our culture to be more customer centric, encouraging innovation, simplification, and rapid learning through experimentation. This also pushes us to celebrate our failures and learn from it.

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