8 Questions to ask When Negotiating Your Salary

          Every job search, resume writing session and job interview will culminate in an important conversation – a conversation that will impact you, your wallet and your goals for the future. Yes, we are talking about the conversation with your hiring manager about your salary. Whether you’re born with the gift of the gab or an ... more

Salary Negotiation Tips

          Here are some of the best negotiating tips I’ve gathered during a decade of writing about money: Be brave. The biggest mistake you can make is to not negotiate at all. Don’t make excuses—”The economy is awful”, “I’m lucky to have this offer”, “I’d rather have a root canal”—and don’t fret ... more

Top 5 Salary Negotiation Tips

          Another equally challenging phase of the job search process is salary negotiation. Talking about how much you’re worth and how much you expect to be paid for the particular position can sometimes be an uncomfortable process. Understanding how best to negotiate salary only improves with time and experience. Meanwhile, you ... more