How to write a resume for Business Analysts that Communicates Passion and Purpose

           These days, data is gold. Being able to read and analyze data is an in-demand skill. If you can communicate the data and find solutions based on it – even better. Maybe you find passion and purpose in helping people make decisions based on evidence and research. Or perhaps you ... more

6 Common Job Application Mistakes and How to Fix Them

6 Common Job Application Mistakes and How to Fix Them

           Are you actively seeking employment but still not getting hired? Job hunting during this pandemic means stiff competition from fellow jobseekers who may have been retrenched.            Sure, you might have excellent credentials and extensive work experience. But if you are making common mistakes in your ... more

7 Tips for Resume Checklist : Truly Informed Resume Should Have

          Most job seekers are still in the dark about what to include when drafting a winning resume or a CV.  Online references lists different and even conflicting information.  This article talks about all the essential information every winning resume or CV should have.  Whether you are planning on updating an ... more

Entry-Level Resume : How to write Resume with No Work Experience

          A successful job search starts with a well-written resume highlighting your skills and work experiences. What happens when you don’t have any to write about?  Many fresh graduates and undergraduates face this problem.  The following tips will prove helpful in writing a resume with no work experience. ... more