How to get that job interview, Recruitment Experts Explain

          The job interview is probably the most crucial part of your job search.  The way to that all-important job offer starts with getting an interview invitation.  In today’s increasingly competitive job market, you need all the help you can get to push your application ahead and be invited to talk ... more

How to Solve Weird Questions During Interview

          Job interviews take you one-step closer to landing your dream career. A step that’s necessary yet hard to get right. Some employers and hiring managers can come up with the weirdest interview questions. Anticipating the kind of questions will improve your chances of being hired. We’ve collected the top 10 ... more

Top 3 Common Interview Questions and Best Answers

          Going on a job interview is always an unnerving experience.  Most job seekers dread the idea of facing interviewers and fear the possibility of giving the wrong answer to the questions they may ask.  Fortunately, most companies use a standard set of interview questions and knowing these common questions allows ... more