Talent Search Terms and Conditions

  1. Where used in these terms and conditions the following words bear the following meaning:
    • Advertiser or You means any Person who places a Job Advertisement on the Site;
    • Buy Profile means a Talent Search Connection Method offered to an Advertiser in accordance with clause 10 allowing it to obtain immediate access to a candidate’s resume and Profile;
    • Candidate Contact Details means a candidate’s name, contact phone number and email;
    • Coins means credits granted to an Advertiser in accordance with these terms necessary to utilise the Talent Search Connection Methods;
    • Expiry Date means a date chosen by JobsDB Thailand in accordance with clause 16;
    • Hidden Profile means a Profile which, due to the candidate’s privacy setting, cannot be seen in the Talent Search Portal and cannot be connected with by Advertisers via the Talent Search Connection Methods;
    • Job Advertisement means any type of advertisement for a job vacancy posted on the Site;
    • Limited Profile means a Profile for which a Profile Summary is displayed in Talent Search and which can be contacted via Send Job but cannot be purchased by Advertisers via Buy Profile;
    • Offer Period means the period commencing 1 Aug 2015 and ending on the Expiry Date;
    • Open Profile means a Profile for which a Profile Summary is displayed in Talent Search and which can be contacted by Send Job and due to a candidate’s privacy setting, will be immediately released to Advertisers upon the use of Buy Profile;
    • Person includes natural persons, bodies corporate, partnerships, associations, firms, governments and governmental authorities and agencies;
    • Profile means a profile of a candidate that provides personal information about that candidate that may include (amongst other things) the Candidate Contact Details and work history, and subject to the candidate’s privacy setting, may be available to Advertisers via the Talent Search Connection Methods;
    • Profile Summary means the summary of a Profile, excluding the Candidate Contact Details, that is visible by Advertisers in their Talent Search Portal prior to an Advertiser using any of the Talent Search Connection Methods;
    • Qualifying Job Package means a Job Advertisement package purchased online via the Site or via the JobsDB sales team by an Advertiser which has been approved by JobsDB, at its ultimate discretion, as a package qualifying the Advertiser to access Talent Search;
    • Send Job means a Talent Search Connection Method offered to an Advertiser in accordance with clause 11 allowing it to invite a candidate to apply for a particular Job Advertisement placed by that Advertiser by electronically sending that Job Advertisement to that candidate;
    • “Site” means http://th.jobsdb.com/th.
    • Talent Search Connection Methods means the Buy Profile and Send Job facilities which can be accessed by Advertisers with sufficient Coins in accordance with these terms; and
    • Talent Search Portal means the website accessible to Advertisers, who have purchased a Qualifying Job Package, allowing them to search for and view Profiles Summaries and utilise the Talent Search Connection Methods.
  2. JobsDB Thailand will grant Coins to Advertisers for each Qualifying Job Package purchased during the Offer Period. The amount of Coins granted will be dependent on the Qualifying Job Package purchased and will be specified in each relevant Advertiser’s invoice provided by JobsDB Thailand on the purchase of a Qualifying Job Package.
  3. Where an Advertiser has used all Coins originally granted to them as part of a Qualifying Job Package, and the relevant package is still live on the Site, the Advertiser may also be permitted to purchase top up Coins at JobsDB Thailand’s discretion.
  4. During the period that a Qualifying Job Package is valid, an Advertiser is entitled to apply Coins received in respect of that Qualifying Job Package towards the use of any of the Talent Search Connection Methods.
  5. The number of Coins required to use of each Talent Search Connection Method will be as specified on each Advertiser’s Talent Search Portal.

    JobsDB Thailand reserves the right to change the number of Coins required for the use of each (or any) of the Talent Search Connection Methods from time to time, in which case JobsDB Thailand will provide Advertisers notice of such change by publishing notice of the change on the Talent Search Portal 30 days prior to the change.
  6. Subject to clause 15, Advertisers are entitled to apply their Coins towards any of the Talent Search Connection Methods at their ultimate discretion in respect of any candidates who appear in their Talent Search Portal.
  7. Any Coins not utilised by an Advertiser once the relevant Qualifying Job Package has expired will immediately lapse.
  8. The Talent Search Connection Methods are not transferrable from one Advertiser to another.
  9. Where a candidate has responded to a “Send Job” action or has been bought by an Advertiser via “Buy Profile”, an Advertiser is able to view that candidate’s up-to-date Profile including updated Candidate Contact Details in their Talent Search Portal provided that at the time the Advertiser wishes to view the up-to-date Profile that candidate’s privacy setting is set to an Open Profile or Limited Profile.
  10. Where You use “Buy Profile”, You acknowledge and agree that:

    • a. an Open Profile is a Profile on the Site where the relevant candidate has previously consented to the immediate release of the Profile and attached resume once it is purchased by an Advertiser; and
    • b. Limited Profiles and Hidden Profiles are Profiles that cannot be purchased by Advertisers due to the privacy settings of the relevant candidates.
    • c. When you purchase a candidate’s resume using the Buy Profile connection method, you acknowledge that the candidate will receive a notification from JobsDB that you have viewed their JobsDB Profile and that their Profile (including resume if applicable) has been purchased by and provided to you.
  11. Where You use “Send Job”, You acknowledge and agree that:

    • a. any Job Advertisements sent to candidates will expire after 30 days from sending;
    • b. You will only send jobs to candidates which relate to genuine employment opportunities advertised on the Site; and
    • c. Coins will be deducted immediately upon action by You, regardless of whether or not a candidate responds to the Send Job message.
  12. Access to all Talent Search Connection Methods by an Advertiser including any access that an Advertiser may gain to a candidate’s Profile is strictly in accordance with the JobsDB Thailand Terms and Conditions which may be viewed at th.jobsdb.com/en-th/pages/terms/terms-conditions.
  13. You agree to at all times deal with any information provided through or accessed from the Site or candidates in a manner which abides by all applicable laws of Thailand, or of any other relevant jurisdiction (including, without limitation, privacy and copyright laws).
  14. In respect of personal data of Singaporean individuals received or accessed, all users of Talent Search agree that they will provide to such personal data a standard of protection that is at least comparable to the protection under the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Further information on such requirements can be accessed at www.pdpc.gov.sg.
  15. The Talent Search Portal and Talent Search Connection Methods must:

    • a. only be used by You for the purposes of a genuine hiring process in respect of an employment opportunity for which You are currently recruiting; and
    • b. not be used by You for the purposes of soliciting business from candidates and/or promoting products or services You offer other than in relation to a genuine hiring process.
    If JobsDB Thailand detects activity in breach of this clause we reserve the right to, at our ultimate discretion, suspend or limit your Talent Search Access, immediately remove any live Job Advertisements You may have placed and/or to withdraw any Coins granted to You.
  16. JobsDB Thailand may at any time following commencement of the Offer Period:

    • a.nominate a date as the Expiry Date in which case the Offer Period will automatically and without further notice expire at 4:30 p.m. on that date; or
    • b. amend the terms of this offer from a nominated date and these offer terms will automatically and without further notice be deemed amended from 9:00 a.m. on that date.
    JobsDB Thailand will publish notice of the Expiry Date or details of the alteration of the terms on the Talent Search Portal.
  17. Any Advertisers who as at the Expiry Date have a live Qualifying Job Package for which they have unused Coins, will be able to access their unused Coins until the Qualifying Job Package is no longer live or all their Coins are used.

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