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Talent Search in jobsDB

Easy and breezy! Shortlisting the right candidates can never be easier! Try our brand new feature at jobsDB Talent Search, an advanced technique delivering a new talent sourcing experience.

  • Shortlist relevant candidates easily with better search engine
  • Contact potential passive candidates directly
  • Enhance response rates by directly inviting candidates to apply

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Talent Search overview

jobsDB talent search overview

How does Talent Search work?

Step 1: Search and assess candidates

Search using key parameters that you need to make a decision.
Outcome: Reach a wider pool of candidates and shortlist relevant candidates.

Assess candidates with up- to-date & accurate profiles and view their updates for 12 months.
Outcome: Improve hiring efficiency with the candidate’s latest information.

Tips to Widen your search: Use commas (,) between keywords Commas will loosen the criteria by introducing an ‘OR’ element between the words searched for.

Tips to Narrow your search: Use space between keywords Compared to commas where any of your keywords can be used for matching, using space between keywords ensure only profiles with more keyword matches are shown.

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jobsDB how talent search works

jobsDB how talent search works

Step 2: Connect and invite candidates

Directly connect candidates including passive ones when you buy candidate profiles

Invite candidates when you send job invitation emails and increase the number of relevant applications

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