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Top drivers of attraction

1. Salary / compensation
2. Job security
3. Career / Development opportunities


Male: 44%
Female: 56%

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Candidates seeking a job here tend to be high income earners and hence salary/ compensation takes a back seat in their consideration. Instead, they are looking for better intangible factors such as structured organizational culture and pacesetting leadership


In Thailand, the manufacturing ranks one of the business sectors with the highest number of employees. This is because Thailand is one of the world’s major manufacturing countries as seen that international investors have been choosing the country as their manufacturing plants for several decades.

The 2018-2019 Report of the Manufacturing Industry in Thailand by the Ministry of Industry, showed that the overall of the country’s manufacturing production has slowed down, especially in three main industries, namely, automotive and parts, electronic parts, and rubber products.

On the contrary, some industries saw decent growth and increasing employments; those include hard disk drive manufacturing, computer parts, and frozen seafood in response to the increasing demands in the markets both at home and overseas.

With the advent of the overall slowdown in the manufacturing business, the closure of many manufacturing plants, layoff, and decreasing manufacturing capacity are common scenes at the moment. And, this inevitably affects the applicants’ considerations on career choices.

The overall result of the Law of Attraction Survey indicated that applicants in the manufacturing business prioritized the remuneration in the first place. Regarding the employees in the fields of production, engineering, and technical, they lay great importance on job security rather than remuneration.


Remuneration is an all-time Champion

According to the Law of Attraction Survey, the most influential incentives for applicants’ decision on a job seeking in the manufacturing business is remuneration, following by bonus based on performance, and income compensation insurance in case of employees’ downtime due to sickness or other unexpected incidents. It implies that employees consider closely more the income security the employer has to offer.

It is noticeable that employees at the operational level, including Manufacturing Engineer, Technician, and Quality Controller consider the over-time pay availability because some factories conduct continual productions and shift work.

In terms of welfares and other benefits, employees in this business are likely to look at healthcare benefits in the first place. A healthcare scheme that also covers employees’ family members is even more attractive. Other healthcare benefits that significantly affect employees’ decisions on choosing a job include dental services and eyesight tests. The comprehensive medical check-up is also as important for employees in this business because they often involve exposure to chemical substances that may be harmful to health.


Organization’s Stability

The Survey also indicated that the second most attractive factor among applicants and employees in this business is job security. Job candidates tend to prefer a permanent job offer rather than a temporary or a contract. Therefore, employees should consider more closely the permanent employee status as well.

The Law of Attraction Survey also showed that an organization’s financial security became the second thing that employees take into consideration. Closure of business, factory, and lay off due to the volatile economy in the country and the world tremendously worry applicants. That’s why employees are likely to study the company’s financial security and business potential first before making a decision.

Applicants are not attracted by the part-time job offer because that means somehow, job insecurity.


What would the future career path be like with a good opportunity to grow?

One major incentive that attracts applicants to the organization is career growth. Employers should have a tangible and reasonable Career Path Plan for employees. And, if all employees succeed in career goals, that will greatly contribute to business growth as well.

As the manufacturing business involves people’s skills to operate different productions and technical devices, most employees are especially eager to improve their skills through either ‘on-the-job training’ or ‘coaching’ programs. On-the-job training and coaching are believed to be an effective way to enhance employees’ skills, performance, and productivity.


Did you know?

Working from home and work-life balance are new emerging factors that are changing the way of business operation. However, employees in the business accept that their job needs an on-site presence for an effective operation that is different from other jobs where people can work from home.

Therefore, the work-life balance in the perspectives of employees in this business should be the fixed working schedule, for example, five-day working per week and eight hours daily working. Reasonable shift work management, overtime pay, and compensation for overtime or working on public holidays are also factors.


About this research: The data points referred to on this page are drawn from the jobsDB Laws of Attraction survey. For more information about the jobsDB Laws of Attraction survey and the terms and conditions governing the use of this data, click here

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