What really attracts Thai candidates

Industry Spotlights Architecture / Building / Construction

Top drivers of attraction

1. Salary / compensation
2. Career / Development opportunities
3. Job security


Male: 48%
Female: 52%

Did you know?

In case hirers are unable to match the market salary rate, consider provide better learning opportunities in order to attract the candidates


Businesses in architecture, building and construction have grown continuously since 2018 despite LTV (loan-to-value) measure implemented by the government. Housing sales have slightly been affected. However, government-owned and operated infrastructure are growing uninterruptedly due to constructions of highways, electric rail system and implemented measures for economic development in supporting housing mortgages for those with income below 100,000 baht per month. An expansion of infrastructure and real estate projects display a high demand in manpower. Influential factors for employment include salary and compensation, career/development opportunities and job security.


Salary and compensation are the most attractive

According to Laws of Attraction survey, we discovered what contribute a decision-making for job applicants in Architecture / Building / Construction businesses is the compensation and base salary, followed by bonuses given based on work performance, insurance income protection or insurance in case of employees are not able to work at specific time period. This applies to engineering positions, which are directly involved in this industry. A survey has shown clearly that influential factors are the compensation. Another interesting point is a type of compensation called ‘Incentive Base’, job applicants prefer this specific compensation type because it is related to work performance. For example, if employees succeed the completing a task with less time consumed but deliver a quality result – there should be an additional compensation in order to drive performance.

Because it is a construction industry, health benefits are taken into consideration as an important factor for job applicants. Applicants expect companies to provide these benefits for their employees, which include annual physical examination, medical reimbursement (aside from social security coverage), personal accident insurance and additional medical expenses (optical, dental benefits, etc.)


Career/Development opportunities for a better future

Another factor that influences job decisions is Career/Development opportunities. According to Laws of Attraction survey, Generation Z group (fresh graduates) places a strong importance on Career/Development opportunities. They value this factor more than monetary compensation. Therefore, Career/Development opportunities should be taken into consideration by companies searching to attract Generation Z job applicants.

What attracts Gen Z job applicants is an opportunity to be leveled up and promoted, which should be clear and fair. One other significant factor is a support system for planning a career path, which is concrete enough so that employees can plan for their career development yearly. Human resource development plan should be clearly indicated, which might include on the job skill development/coaching.

Additionally, what attracts applicants in Career/Development opportunities department is overseas training opportunities. Companies emphasize on this program are more attractive to the applicants.

In conclusion, Career/Development opportunities is what applicants consider when they look for a job. Thus, if companies want to target the Gen Z group, they should have a system in place as well as a continued development program. A system of planning career path should be provided clearly to all employees in all level.


Job security is an essential foundation

In Thailand, a third influential factor in job decisions for Architecture / Building / Construction businesses is ‘Job security’ according to Laws of Attraction survey. Job security means working for organizations with security in reputation and revenue. Employees should feel that there won’t be employment issues such as downsizing and layoff.

A highlighted issue in job security is working in a permanent role rather than a temporary role or contract role. Because a construction industry requires high investment and capital, especially manpower, most organizations would prefer to employ on a temporary or contract basis. This type of employment does not attract applicants because the employment type loses its essence in job security. In order to interest applicants, companies must take this issue into consideration.

Another factor within job security area in which applicants will be interested before joining a company is a company’s financial stability. If it is a public company, this information can be searched for in company’s annual reports and stock values. These factors contribute to applicants’ decisions as well.

Turnover rate of a company is also considered. Applicants choose to work for an organization with a low turnover rate, which means an organization creates policies and programs for employee retention. A policy in employee engagement is very important for applicants’ decision making.


Did you know?

One last factor for this industry is Work-Life Balance. Because the industry is usually in continuous operation, some companies may require their employees to work 24 hours, job applicants pay attention to this policy of ‘Work-Life Balance’. Within an area of Work-Life Balance, applicants give priority to compensation for overtime and working on public holidays.


About this research: The data points referred to on this page are drawn from the jobsDB Laws of Attraction survey. For more information about the jobsDB Laws of Attraction survey and the terms and conditions governing the use of this data, click here

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