5 Tips That Will Get Candidates to Apply

          Online job portals, and the age of digital media in general, has changed the recruitment world immensely. Gone are the days where hirers need to depend on costly newspaper ads and headhunters or attend job fairs to find candidates that will fill vacant positions in the company. Yes, some companies still opt to use these traditional means of advertising jobs but for the last 10 years or so, most of recruitment is happening online.

          And while the use of digital media continues to propel the recruitment industry forward, one aspect of job advertising has seemingly gone backwards, namely job ad copies. Writing a job ad is, to some extent, an art. In the old days, some companies and recruitment agencies had copywriters to write job ads. Their main job is to make even the dreariest of job roles sound exciting all while ensuring that the ads – posted mostly on newspapers, posters and flyers – make an immediate impact.

          These days, it seems that the art of writing impactful job ads has gone out of the window. Many ads on online job boards are simply the job descriptions lifted from the many templates available online. Job descriptions are plain and boring at the best of times and it’s no wonder then that the best talent is not applying.

          Hirers often forget that a job ad, in its very nature, is an advertisement. As a hirer, you are trying to sell the position and you should do that in the same manner as when you are trying to sell your company’s products like a car or food.

          Imagine a car company advertising their new car model by simply enumerating its parts or a food company trying to sell their latest food product by just listing all the ingredients. Not so appealing, isn’t it?

          The point is, when writing your own job ads, you should take into careful consideration every single detail that you put into it. By doing so, you will attract the most relevant and qualified talent to your company.

          The infographic below outlines a handful of things you can do to write more effective job ads through jobsDB’s Recruitment Centre.

writing an effective job ad

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