Time Management in Business

          Time is the most important commodity in the world. You will never get back the time you have lost. You are always racing against time. So time management is a top priority in business.

          Managing your time productively is a very important part of a running a successful business. We all tend to put off tasks, which are unpleasant to us.Try completing difficult tasks first. Easier tasks will become even easier to tackle.

  • Break it up into smaller tasks

          One of the reasons why we tend to procrastinate is that, the task we are facing looks like a mountain to climb. Just break it up into smaller tasks, it would be more surmountable. Try completing each of these smaller tasks as it would be easier to climb the mountain rock by rock. You can even climb Mount Everest this way.

  • Assign more difficult tasks to that particular point of time

          Each person has a preference for a particular time of the day when he performs best. Try to assign more difficult tasks to that particular point of time. For example I have come across a President of a company who was at his best immediately after lunch. He used to tackle his more onerous tasks then.

  • Delegate responsibility

          On of the most important things in time management is to delegate responsibility. Some people tend to work all by themselves. But getting the job done by others is the most essential part of time management.

  • Set a goal

          Set a goal to complete a task within a specific time period. Try to stick to that time frame. Reward yourself for completing that task. Occasional procrastination can be excused. But if procrastination becomes a habit it is unpardonable.

  • Make a list of tasks that are important.

          Categorize them according to its state of urgency. Complete each one according to the priorities on the list. Better time management will ensure your success.


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