Growing Together…Happiness Index of Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd.

By Khun Sairoung Punthumaphol

Director, Human Resources

Growing Together

          Throughout 125 years of establishment, Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd. has been presenting a promise of “Growing Together” to all of our employees. Starting from family own to a corporate operating all over SEA, we never forget to prioritize our people – with love, care and understanding.  Besides our caring culture, we open to them a chance to grow their career by offering a training both locally and regionally.

          In Tilleke & Gibbins, we always believe that everyone is all stars shining through their position and capability to lead the company to success.  We do support our people to move up their career steps through our training sessions such as presentation skills, writing professional legal format both in English and Thai as well as to set up an open stage called “Wednesday forum” for employees to share what they do and exchange knowledge.  In this forum, some clients are invited to meet up and share about their business which will help our lawyers understand clients more and would be able to do better legal consulting, and eventually resulted in employee’s happiness and less pressure.

          Seeing office as employees’ second home, Tilleke & Gibbins do care about our people  well-being.  We are providing ergonomic tables and chairs, fitness gym even karaoke room for them to relax after work, our library is full of law books available for them to read and borrow.  We are also support them a good activity such as sports, cooking clean food lesson, exercising class to cure Office syndrome even Aikido class to help them learn self – defense since 65 % of our employees are woman.

          Receiving “Employer of Choice” for 5 consecutive years (from 2013 – 2017) from Asian Legal Business (ALB) would certainly guarantee our will of boosting people’s happiness.  Having low turnover rate is another indicator proving that we really do care about them. Not only that the rate is low, but some of our ex- employees have also asked to come back saying they were less happy at the new office.  Some of them are asking their friends and siblings to join our corporate when we have hiring needs.  Those evidences make us so proud as they are clearly reflecting our attempt to make them happy as well as showing determination to “Growing Together”.

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