How to check if your candidate has problem solving skills


          These questions allow the candidate to show off their skills in problems solving. If you agree that the best hires are those who can first identify problems accurately and then are able to solve them, these questions can be effective. ... more


Workers must be protected once AEC starts: Labour Ministry

Legal Matters

          The Labour Ministry’s Social Security Office has called for the protection of Asean workers to help the region realise its potential following the full implementation of the Asean Economic Community next year. ... more


Unemployment Benefits from Social Security Organisation

Legal Matters

          Criteria and Entitlement Benefits have made contributions towards unemployment for not less than 6 months within a period of 15 months prior to unemployment ... more


How to assess candidate’s ability to innovate, adapt, learn


          Many times our best hires are those who are rapid continuous learners, those who are adaptable, and those who can innovate. If you want to assess these factors, consider asking these questions. ... more


Help us better understand you


          Some interview questions that relate to individuals’ competencies or preferences can be improved by requiring the candidate to rank their answers from most important to least important. In order to ensure that you successfully “sell” a top candidate, ... more


How to Find and Hire the Best Applicant


          The internet has tremendously improved the way companies’ source candidates for specific job postings and doing background checks has become increasingly easy through online database and social media sites. ... more


The 80/20 Manager: The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More

Did You Know

          The 80/20 Manager: The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More by Richard Koch (October, 2013) ... more


Rise in demand for accountants

Did You Know

          Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Jaiyos Advisory says its outsourcing business – especially for human resources – is booming in Thailand as an increasing number of multinational companies seek to lower their costs during start-up periods. ... more